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Teachers who have been our valuable mentors

Mr Lee Chee Peng

Mr Lee Chee Peng was a teacher from 1965 to 1971 in our beloved ACS. He taught a variety of subjects including Agricultural Science, General Science, Biology and Mathematics. Many of us owe our success today to his dedication and the effort that he had put in to teach and nurture us during our adolescent years. The extra classes during the weekends and after normal hours will always be greatly appreciated by all who had gone through his tutelage.

"Mr Lee, you have been our favourite Science and Maths teacher."....Angie


"Mr Lee, to this day I have never forgotten the Singapore trip that you organised after our MCE in 1971. Personally, it has left me many lasting memories of friendships that were cultivated from this trip. Thank you for giving us the opportunity."....Hock Lye


Encik Manaf

Started his career in ACS in 1969. Cikgu Manaf now resides with his wife and family in Kg Ismail, Ampangan, Seremban. He spends his time keeping an eye on the grandchildren and keeps himself busy with religious activities in the nearby surau. Cikgu still remembers many of his students by names especially those from the Class of 71 as we were his first batch of students. Many of us scored good grades in our LCE, thanks to Cikgu Manaf. He was one of the most patient teachers who never failed to give us the extra coaching when required.

"Cikgu Manaf was a very kind and patient teacher. He was soft spoken and he was always telling me "Yen, you can do better. Sedikit, sedikit lama menjadi bukit". I always like the way he explained the meaning of different peribahas, the various sajaks and pantuns."......Angie Yen.


"Cikgu Manaf was responsible for my distinction in Bahasa Melayu in the SRP. With it I went on to earn some pocket money by giving bahasa tuition from Form 4 to Form 6. Terima kasih banyak, banyak dari hati saya, Cikgu Manaf.".......... Hock Lye.

Mr Chung Wai Foo

"You have been a very dedicated teacher who moulded our character during our early years in secondary education, very remarkable and a true gentleman".....Hock Lye

Mr Chiang Heng Jin


"Mr Chiang was an outstanding Maths teacher and accepted no-nonsense from his students. He expected the best from all of us and was very methodical in his approach, thus making the learning of Maths in Form 3 an easy one. We thank you and salute you for your contribution to our success.".....Hock Lye

<<<A tribute to Mr Chiang by Danny Chin Kon Lem>>>

Mr Madhavan

David Madhavan started off his career as a teacher in Alor Gajah School in 1961 and realised his true calling then. After his preliminary 3 years as a teacher, he pursued a teaching course at the Kirby Teachers’ College in England. Upon graduation, he continued his teaching career in public schools which ended at his official retirement in 1994. While many would have settled down as a pensioner, David went on to render his teaching experiences with private institutions of higher learning and currently still full time with Nilai University College.

"The teacher with the famous statement, "Confucius says...', has now committed his life to God and spends a lot his time doing the Lord's work. His Geography lessons had always been interesting and filled with witty humour and one that we always looked forward to no matter how tiring the day was"......Hock Lye

<<<A tribute to Mr Madhavan on his 50th Teaching Anniversary by Angie Yen>>>




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