ACSOSA Dinner 2004

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ACSOSA Dinner 2004

8th August 2004

Seng Kee rang to seek support for the ACSOSA Dinner from the Class of ’71 and requested whether I would volunteer myself as an office bearer. Keeping the activities of the alumni from the Class of 71 and associates was already a time consuming and a challenging task, so I declined the second request. However I promised we would get at least a table to support the function. So it was rounding up the usual gang down to for a dinner in Seremban. Kam Onn was kind to drive me down as Wing Kwong had a prior dinner commitment. He was sober most of the evening as he had too much two nights ago at his swinging 50th birthday party. We arrived at the Dragon Palace Restaurant on time to listen to the speech by the current Headmaster of ACS, Mr Thong which was followed by presentation of prizes to outstanding students.

Amidst all the merry making, and food, the committee managed to get a karaoke session going. Eddie and Kuna represented the class of 71 with 2 songs. Phooi Fun was there as well and since it was her birthday, we belted out a birthday song for her with Eddie Leow as the lead singer of the Chinese version.

The dinner ended early by our standards.  Seng Kee and Terry had to send a very drunk senior home. The rest of us were game to paint the sleepy town of Seremban red together with the newly elected OSA President Felicia and Treasurer Poh Ling. We trooped over to the former Rudy theatre for some singing and dancing but the rooms were fully booked. Kim Fui then took us to his former work place at Seremban Bowling Alley, which is now converted to a karaoke joint. Only the largest room that could seat 20 was available, but the ever-generous Kim Fui  ‘pow’ the whole place so that his friends could all have a good time.

Gilbert was assigned to choose the songs, as he was the only one who figured out how to work the remote buttons. The microphone became a permanent feature with Kuna Joshua, and every song that came on, he said know the song and he could sing them. The only time the microphone left his hands was when Eddiebelted out his Chinese songs and Gilbert did the Indonesian songs. 

It was evening of duet, Kuna quickly joined Fui in the second verse of all the songs Fui chose, Kuna quickly joined Felicia before she sang the third word in the songs she chose and again quickly backed Kam Onn before the chorus. We did not know what, how, who but after about 3 hours of almost continuous singing, all a sudden, no sound from Kuna’s mike anymore and he kept tapping and tapping much to his disappointment but to our relief.  We made do with the remaining one microphone that did not find it’s way back to Kuna.  After being left out and unable to sing a series of numbers which he knew, Kuna decided to check the wires and lo and behold, aiyah, who pull the plugs out of the amplifiers?

By four in the morning, Tiew Sing was ready to call it quits.  Kam Onn was still sober to drive back to KL after belting out his theme song, My Way. By the time I crawled into bed in KL, the clock in my hall had just struck 5 times.

Angie Yen


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