Celebrating Angie's Birthday

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Happy Birthday to Angie Yen

6th July 2004

Yen Shu Hui’s Birthday, July 2004

Present: Yen Shu Hui, Jennifer Yen (Shu Hui’s younger sister), Yee Kam Onn, Casey Sze Tho and Lew Wing Kwong

The Story

When you have Chief Information Officer, Mr Lew Wing Kwong advertising Grand Madam’s birthday over the internet, you can be sure she will feel kind of letdown if her bosom pals in KL do not make a fuss about her. So we grabbed a bottle of wine and found ourselves belting to old numbers from the 1970s at the DJ Lounge in PJ.  The atmosphere there was simply electrifying only because the band was playing songs we all loved; songs from Herman Hermits, Bee Gees, Marmalade and Teresa Tung.  But the woman singer on stage was so bad we thought she had marbles in her throat or was chewing  sun toasted sotong. Still, it was a good evening, except that we nearly got deaf from the sound blasters.  Kam Onn sat through the evening unfettered as he was already deaf in one ear, that’s why. We enjoyed thoroughly the music though; even more when we found out that the beer was $20 a jug, possibly the cheapest in the country! What’s more with every 2 ½ jugs of beer you get a free $10 voucher for the slot machines.  On a free $20 voucher, Casey courted Lady Luck and got richer by $170!  After that, the evening became even more boisterous because it was all paid for!  Kim Fui forgot her Majesty’s birthday so on the phone he promised to kiss ass the next time and eat some dirt.  We ended with Hokkien Mee and Chinese Tea, but did not part until we made sure bachelor Kam Onn had a chance to flirt with Jennifer Yen. He left shaking his head but we were unsure whether he meant he was interested, or that it was his delayed reaction to beer and loud music!




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