Celebrating Chinese New Year 2004

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Chinese New Year Celebrations 2004

Chong Tiew Seng's Residence


Meeting at Chong Tiew Seng's House, Chinese New Year, Jan 2004

Present: Raveendran and son, Maureen Sze Tho, Choo Kim Fui, Kuna, Lew Wing Kwong, Yee Kam Onn, Yen Shu Hui

The Story

This bunch of scoundrels were supposed to meet Casey at Thanabalan's Restaurant but because they were too high to get off their butts, they beached themselves at Tiew Seng's house and refused to move.  The beer and whisky were flowing free; that's why!  The food was sumptuous and Tiew Seng's poor wife had to take the food out again and again even though they had gone back to the freezer twice before.  It seemed people like Kim Fui, Casey and Wing Kwong had worms as they kept gorging themselves over and over while they regaled their old times.  Poor Raveendran brought his son along, so he had his mouth glued when crazy jokes were spitted out with the beers.  The party ended at almost 3 am, not before Kim Fui and Casey went into Mrs. Tiew Seng's kitchen and ate all their food ration for the next day. Some pigs these friends were to Tiew Seng.  I am sure the next year, Tiew Seng would be smarter and hide in KL during Chinese New Year so that he can escape this gang of thieving beer and food raiders. Kuna who shared time with us in primary school was also there; being only half ACS, the whole night he was blur like a sotong.

Angie's daughter Denise was there as well. The whole night keeping her mother under strict observation. So Angie was behaving... to set a good example for a 17 year old. She kept telling her daughter that these are the type of men Denise should not be going out with....





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