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Lai Cheng's Final Fling

Port Dickson

21st August 2004

The time to part company finally arrived and together with Wing Kwong and Kim Fui, I bid farewell to Hock Lye, Sing Khow, Paul Kit and Lai Cheng in the lobby of the Allson Hotel on Sunday afternoon. It was a series goodbyes that started after the beef noodle breakfast, back the hotel to check out followed by another outing to the campur store when someone said that we could not leave Seremban without seeing 'Lulu' and company! Then it was back again to the hotel again to collect the luggage and more hugs and kisses!

After more bidding of goodbyes and reluctance to part company, Lai Cheng asked if Wing Kwong, Fui and myself were going to come back to Seremban in a few weeks' time. Mmm…an opportunity to go out with Lai Cheng when Jonathan was not around was too good to be missed for these two men! Of course, the rest got to hear of it and no way were they going to leave the lovely 'single' lady to the two of them! The prospect of a stroll on the beach with the former head girl was an inviting offer. So Eddie made plans with the cook in PD Yacht Club, whom he claimed was like his 'abang-adik' for the the best seafood in town to be served. 

Felicia and Poh Ling were also game to have some fun as well so they drove to Tiew Sing’s place to catch the transport provided by Kuna Taxi Services down to PD. Gilbert drove down from Rantau and was the first to arrive in PD. Eddie turned up with his friend - a female partner from wearing a tight fitting black t-shirt. Except for the 2 fairly large print in red words that read “sex”, I could not read the other words on her wobbling contour! Must be a standard uniform provided by the dot.coms.

Kam Onn was late and muttered as he rushed to the toilet that he was confused with dates for a birthday party (Charmed by Lai Cheng? - webmaster). He parked himself next to Poh Ling in time for first dish of steamed fresh water prawns. Kuna was out of form that night as he was still suffering from a throat problem (caused by overstraining his vocals at our last outing at the former bowling alley). Cheng had a taste of our normal outings which she enjoyed immensely through a phone confirmation the following day.  Kim Fui’s entertainment and Gilbert’s dance demonstrations were of very high standards. She now knows why we end our sessions in the wee hours of the morning.  The conversations were hilarious and she was actually out with the guys whom she hardly knew in school. These guys were well known for their notoriety in 1971! (Big mistake, Jonathan, you should not have left your wife behind! - webmaster)

The downside of the evening was the food, which was an utter disappointment. We gave the F&B Manager, Ricky Heng and the GM of Yacht Club a hard time, followed by a handwritten two-page complaint.  The company and the fun we had that night more than compensate the lousy and expensive food. Kim Fui gave Kam Onn a full report on his atrocious behavior at own 50th his birthday party much to Onn’s embarrassment.  Kim Fui also gave Poh Ling a lesson on “How and where to let a guy hold you”. Poh Ling reciprocated by demonstrating how to 'play catch'

A midnight storm brought a cool and refreshing breeze and drizzle onto the verandah and it dashed all plans for a stroll on the beach. It was dancing to the disco music of the 70s. Kam Onn had the pleasure of the dancing company of our It was such an enjoyable evening and was close to three as Wing Kwong and I headed back to KL. I heard that the rest who partied that night wrote off their entire Sunday and took a whole day to recover. It was also payback time after several late, late nights the last one month. As I write, I am still aching from the non-stop disco dancing but the sweating helped burn the calories that were accumulated from the yummy cheese crabs.

Angie Yen



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