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Reuniting with Faizul and Ranjit

15th July 2004

I was told sometime ago that Doctor Mansoor was somewhere in Sarawak and as was Dr Ranjit. As we had managed to track Ranjit down, I was determined that Faizul’s name gets ticked off from my "Missing in Action" list as well. So when I finally got his number from Sing Khow, I rang him and introduced myself. Faizul then had absolutely no idea who he was talking to but we carried on the conversation for a while. After the first call followed by an email and reference to the ACS web-site, Faizul was convinced that I was not a ghost from his past.

A niece wedding was perfect timing to make a trip back to KL from Miri. After many exchanges of emails, we made plan to meet over a meal in Bangsar. Fui had come back a long way from Singapore so that he did not miss out meeting Faizul. Faizul’s directions to his sister, Rosita’s house around the University Hospital was hopeless and we went round and round in circles.  The familiar Faizul grin was still there. He introduced his wife Salmah to me and was expecting me to introduce the long hair guy standing next to me as my partner of some sort. Faizul could not recognise Kim Fui at all. We arrived in Bangsar half an hour late. Meanwhile, Ranjit was waiting at one corner of the Bangsar complex while Wing Kwong, Kam Onn and Casey were waiting at another corner. Men, do they get their directions right? No!

We trooped upstairs and settled for Thai steamboat. Faizul has a good memory of ACS and could remember a lot of names, teachers and events. I had warned Faizul we could get boisterous and loud after a while. It was a good evening of catching up and refined; maybe Salmah with us or maybe there was no beer.  The waiters had to almost kick us out at closing time and we went downstairs to Coffee bean. Strangely they ran out of coffee there. Foo Chee Seng managed to join us then. Before Faizul left we extracted a promise from him to join us at the coming reunion which he did. Faizul, it was so good to see you after all this while and to meet your lovely wife, Salmah. Don’t forget when we are in Miri, your turn to buy.

You think that the night would have ended with Faizul leaving close to midnight with Ranjit. Of course not, the night birds made their way to DJ Club for drinks, singing and supper at the mamak to 3 in the morning. Thank God, next day was Friday, which meant half day for me.

One of the hobbies of Faizul we found out was sending sms. I am not a fan of SMS and prefer to call. My phone bills on calls to Miri arrived last month... it was a bomb. Next time I will stick to SMS.

Angie Yen



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