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Chinese New Year 2005

18th February 2005

I was wondering where I should be spending the Chinese New Year. My stepmother had decided that she wanted to remain with her sisters in Johore, which meant there was no need for me to make my pilgrimage to Seremban. A phone call to my uncle in Pedas resulted in an invitation to stay with his family over the festive period.

Tiew Seng extended an open invitation to his house on the first day. My daughter likes the timing of this visit as it meant a good collection of ang pows; the largest contribution usually from her favourite and generous Godfather. The precedence has now been set in stone with no need for formal invitations – first day in Tiew Seng and second day in Kim Fui.

How time flies! Many of us can recall that we met at Tiew Seng’s place a year ago when Annie pampered us with steamboat. Having experienced our capability of eating through the whole night, she was wiser this year! Annie decided to cater food from Thana’s Curry Leaf along with a free-flow of booze, cognac and whisky.  This year's merry-making occasion was attended by Sze Poh, Poh Ling, Kim Fui, and Kuna. We also met Wing Kwong’s friendly wife, May. I could not remember if Chee Seng made it there that night. Kam Onn was leaving for a holiday in China and sent his apologies. Balbir sent a SMS saying that he would attend but did not keep his promise.

Kim Fui’s open house was swarmed by all on the second day. Phooi Fun and her husband, Yatha and his wife, Koon, Felicia, twins Chee Pheng and Chee Hong joined the usual crowd. Unfortunately, Gilbert was not contactable though he was back in town. Not counting the beer, I was told that we consumed 4 bottles of Fui’s best whisky. Chee Seng made a discovery that Poh Ling was still available and stayed closely at her side the whole night. To further enjoy her lovely company, he made plans for an early breakfast the next day. (I thought Chee Sing is married to Kean Pow! - Webmaster).We made it to the 10:00AM breakfast....an hour late! Having contacted Kit Lin, he joined us for breakfast at Ming Kok in Taman AST and we all ended up in his place for the afternoon.

The company was fantastic and enjoyable so much so that on the fourth day of the Chinese New Year, I travelled from KL to Seremban to enjoy Poh Ling’s dinner treat in Taman Kemayang. We ended in a karaoke restaurant but left early because we were sharing rooms with a group of aunties who only wanted to sing Chinese songs and wriggle around as if they were young teen punks.

Two days later, Kam Onn, Wing Kwong and I made another trip back to Seremban for a seafood dinner in Lukut/Telok Kemang hosted by Tiew Seng. The food was worth the drive there. We ended up in Tiew Seng’s place again where Poh Ling joined us after a phone call from Fui. He invited her to a teh-tarik stall in Rahang where we talked about plans for an overnight trip to Genting. I was assigned to organise it after my Germany and UK trip in March, but then, a few of us sneaked off to Macau and Hong Kong almost immediately on my return home. The plan is temporarily shelved. Hey, folks, heard that Engelbert will be singing in Genting in June...perhaps we can have a think about it then.

Angie Yen




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