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ACSOSA 60th Anniversary Dinner

5th August 2006

(Graced by the presence of guests from ACS Malacca)

To the special people of ACS Seremban


I would like to say a big thank you to ACS Seremban as represented by the Class of '71 and its supporters – specifically to Angie, Felicia, Pauline, Casey, Choo, Zip, and a whole bunch of great guys and gals that my pickled mind cannot recall!  I had a great time and so did all the others from ACS Malacca. I have to admit that you guys exceeded our expectations of being fun, zany and most importantly warm and friendly.


To Angie, as I said before and I will say it again, "where have you been all my life!"  They said Casey is the live wire of the group.  I'll say you are the electricity for the "wire" to have an effect!  You're great – only if you do NOT tell others that I have 2 left feet when waltzing seemingly so suavely with you – taking you from one high to the next with hardly time to breath – but then all orgasms are anaerobic (for the dumbos – referring to the boys of ACS Seremban who slept thru biology class – it means without oxygen)!


To Zip, now I see the light on why they called you ZIP!! I would love to have you as classmate as your zipping prowess surpasses any women I know.  Too bad when you were zipping down the ACS Seremban boys' pants, despite frantically grouping and searching, you did not feel or find anything.  If you had been a good girl in your last life, your karma could have been better and be our classmates.  If so, you do not even need to ZIP any of the ACS Malacca guys pants.  You just have to look at the bulge and would go away saying "WOA" with mouth wide open.  Then your name would be BIG "O".  Never mind, in another life we will be classmates.


As for Pauline, of course I will keep to my promise not to tell anyone of your wandering hands when searching for the gear shift and give lame excuses like "Oh, this is a small car – sorry if my hands go to places it shouldn't".  That's ok.  It is totally understandable and having a pickled mind at that time of the night, I really cannot recall the ecstasy and the frantic gasp for air as your hands so deftly do magic to my body mind and soul.  So, scouts' honour – I shall keep all these a secret and will not tell a soul.  And, of course you were simple great!  Did you get a sore throat in the morning? As for Felicia, I know you pretended to be ultra busy – what, being one of the organisers of this really well attended mother of all reunions!  But Tedin told me that you were giving him the eye.  Try as you might, you just could not catch his attention.  Never mind, next time recruit my help.  I always play mediator in situations like that.  But seriously, you did a great job and thanks for accommodating our nonsense!  Next time don't be too busy!  Take time to "smell the flowers" (so we said), but for us "just be a midget and smell the hair!!"


To Choo, you were great, man!  I have not laughed so much with your antics – made absolutely ridiculous with your long pony tail!!  Hey man, the go-go years and flower power era have all gone!  Maybe we have to come back right down to earth!  Eh, by the way, your long hair – real-ah?  I have this problem, which is the opposite of yours – almost no hair!!  Any tips?  BUT you bloody bastard – next time DON'T and I say DON'T again, try to steal our SYT (Sweet Young Thing) from right under our eyes!  Next time bring your own! Is that too tall an order for you?


So, ACS Seremban boys, what do you think of our women killer prowess – what with our man-eater Diane, suave and sassy Audrey, and dumb-blonde Samantha that weakens (and sometimes harden) all men's knees, legs and many more parts of the male anatomy?  You think you can do better? You know, what's sad about you GUYS (referring only to the males).  The best and most stunning ladies were and still are right under your nose.  You guys just choose not to see them.  It is times like these that all your female classmates and schoolmates would thumb their nose at you and say "If you ain't interested, the ACS Malacca macho men are!"  So, wise up guys, or else your women will be stolen right under your nose!


Finally, I have to come to the last in line of my "gratitude' for a wonderful evening.  Eh, brother Con-man, you still have it despite your missing third leg!  Luckily you had three wonderful children to prove that your third leg is still functioning alright!  I have to admit you are really something to behold (I'm not gay!).  You certainly leave up to the live-wire pet name that everyone gives to you.  Much as I would like to heap you more praises, your beautiful wife would object violently.  To Maureen, who has you snugly under her thumb, you ain't fooling anyone!  Al that macho crap was just to hide a double personality of submission and abuse at home.  Never mind, we understand and still enjoyed every little antics you throw at us!  Thanks, brother!


So again, thanks guys and gals of ACS Seremban. We had a ball and definitely we look forward to your presence at our Doughnut Ball on September 16 in Malacca Water City.  This is a family affair and we do have activities for the children, while we run amok and have fun! 


Warmest regards

CHO sometimes also know as Wooi


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