Celebrating Kim Fui's daughter's wedding

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Celebrating Kim Fui's daughter's wedding

27th May 2006

The turn out was better than expected so as usual our sporting Class of 71 squeezed in an extra seat or two at all the 3 tables.  For late comers like our honourable Casey and wife, they were elevated not relegated to the seniors table namely Choo Kim Hoe's classmates Class of 67.

As for the dark horse, she was dressed to kill in a sexy black dress, Kean Pow I thought she looked somewhat familiar but could not place her.  Later I asked how come Kean Pow's not here and Sze Poh said that lady in black who came over was her.  She still looks good, no wonder Chee Seng is keeping her under wraps.

Juniors who attended were Goh Teck Hui, Peter Lingam and myself.  Mr David Mahadhevan was also present.  There were a lot of catching up, people desperately trying to make out who is who, gossipping, drinking & merry making. Goh Teck Hui looked the same except that his demeanour is so sober that if I bumped into him in town I wouldn't think he is the GTH i know from ACS man.  He has lost the cheeky and naughty look of his youthful days.

The proud father of the bride was all over the place toasting & drinking with old pals and beaming with pride when the bride and bridegroom walked into the hall to signal the beginning of the dinner.  The food was good, suckling pig, shark fin, etc. With Tiew Sing, Apek, Kit Lin, Jeyabalan on our table, drinking was the main course - what else!!  Whisky. whisky & whisky loh.............All of us enjoyed the dinner and had a good time drinking, recalling good old times & joking as usual.  All these took place at the Ming Kok restaurant in Taman AST.

When the dinner was over some of us adjourned to Gems at Allson Klana for drinks and dancing. After that it was to the last watering hole (Pence Coffee Shop in Temiang) until 2.30 am.


Footnote: Comments from CRO who missed the Biggie Wedding event.

I was approached to organise the ACS guest list for the dinner. To my disappointment the Big Father in Law Day date clashed with my Annual Church camp. I had accepted the position of organising chairman since early part of the year. What to do lah, show have to go on. Anyway as a dedicated CRO, emails, sms, phone calls and reminders saw a good turn out. I am still amazed that there are people who at this age do not know it is rude not to RSVP but anyway, the four ACS tables allocated was filled to the brim.

I left for Fraser’s Hill on Saturday morning. While allocating rooms to the campers, I was responding on my mobile to FAQs (frequently asked questions). Where is the restaurant?  How do I get there?  How many meters away from the traffic light? Turn from highway then how? What time the makan start? I don’t know if I should turn up or not. Ai ya no need so early, can book place for me, who else coming, are you in Seremban already, how much angpow to give, which daughter is getting married, any program after the dinner, can you let Kim Fui know I will be late, eh, dinner today ah?

My committee members who was with me at the registration desk at Shahzan Inn in Fraser’s Hill was overhearing all of this and asked if I was the host of the function. “No, one of my best friends!”

A blessing in disguise - the reception at the conference room in Frasers’ was not good so I could not receive calls while the service was going on but the sms box was buzzing each time I stepped out of the room - How come big sister not here? Where can lah, you not coming. Why did say you not coming? How can you miss this!!

Close to midnight when I got back to my hotel room, reports of the dinner came in and this went on for the next few days. Some extracts below:

  • We going to disco now… so enjoy. You miss lah! Ken Pow, whoa! Kim Fui chok chee no fong yan. Kiew Chee Seng chee kay fan. (KF catch do want to let go. Ask Chee Seng oneself go back)

  • The food damm good lah! Woon chye chee and suckling pig

  • You missed lah – so much fun.

  • Even the not regulars Peck Yen, Chua Lee Choo also turned up, how come you **

  • Wah, cannot recognize the former rascal Teck Hui. So goodie now. Drink only Chinese tea

  • Some people come late and then want to choose where to sit … no more place mah

  • Dinner started so late… so hungry

  • Ah Fui Kor soooooooo disappointed you were not there.

  • Why you did tell us you not coming? Cannot like that one mah!

  • Ney kau meh? Ney boy friend kar nui, tho mou leh!

  • Father in law so high but very handsome or!

  • Tai Kar Cair, we miss you – You miss all the fun here. Why lah?

  • You know what song he went up to sing – His version of Rock You!

  • I would have died of embarrassment –

  • Oi Yo, The father in law sing you know what song – the in law know English or not…

  • True or not, they say I swing your wife around the dance floor

  • The band not so good but the Filipino women, wha lau

  • Party was alright lah, you did not come, so we also san band early

  • So enjoyable even Wing Kwong fatt how – dancing limbo rock

  • Final comment from the father in law  - I woke up and four girls in my room.

Well, I did miss a good night but was glad that those who turned up had a good time.  Next event in the pipeline is an overnight trip in PD in July.

Angie Yen



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