Celebrating Gilbert's son's wedding

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Celebrating Gilbert Yap's son's wedding

18th March 2006

We are now in the phase of witnessing the second crop of our fruits viz: our kids getting all grown up. As parents with pride yet emotional when we see them walk down the aisle. It did not seem too long ago when we ourselves were experiencing these moments too.

Gilbert and Linda Yap started alerting us of his invitation at Kuna’s Christmas dinner last year. The cards were distributed, the sms and reminders sent. One whole table who were expected did not turn up. We all went ahead and had a good time.  Gilbert’s other guests were amazed at the display of affection amongst his school friends and the loudest yam seng came from our direction with our teacher David Mahadevan.

The usual karaoke on the stage had a difference; a group of middle aged aunties gave a line dancing demonstration swaying to the disco music from Saturday Night Fever. I felt goose bumps all over and had difficulty retaining my food. Maybe my stomach was churning along with night fever music. Our two tables downed the 3 bottles of whisky Gilbert designated for his schoolmates. Eddie was in good spirits (pun intended) as he aided in the disappearance of a large allocation.

Gilbert had to pay the restaurant operators extra for keeping the air-conditioner on for us while the other guests had long disappeared. I am not sure whether this custom is still practiced - guests from the in-laws side start disappearing even before the dessert appeared.

While the newly weds made their way back to Rantau with the new parents in law, we adjourned to Pence for another round of merry making. I can’t remember for the life of me what tall tales were spin but remembered Wing Kwong and I left for KL pretty late.  Vague recollections of our plans for our PD trip to Eagle’s Ranch and drawing straws to decide on roommates. I think all the guys drew the same straw as Pauline and she collected deposits for the trip. Next time I must record the conversation on my mobile to help recollect.

(Footnote: It has been reported that the deposits has been used to splurge on makan with friends returning from down south).

Angie Yen


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