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Visit to Malacca

13th August 2006

Catching up with ACS Malacca Counterpart

Mooned by the Seremban sadomasochists

Zip and company, made no pretensions about their intentions for the night. Dressed in black complete with boots and leather (underwear) they gathered at a seedy joint called Wagon in which posters of naked copulating couples adorn the walls - must be Casey's idea on setting the environment for the evening. Choo & Casey were in no mood to be out-done by us this time and actually somehow managed to borrow 2 SYTs from somewhere. We were half-mooned by one (perhaps that's how she got her name "Moon"). With the festival just past, I asked Moon if I may see her mooncakes as well, but her blushes simply sent the message "not here la, but privately..." Under influence of cappuccino and 100+, I simply could not recall the name of the other SYT but her obsession with pole and counter-top dancing clings clearly in my mind still.

But sorry Choo, we were actually more interested in seeing that you foo-yong-tan folks had a good time in the city and did not neglect your (soon to be "our") SMLs, Pauline, Zip and Angie - i.e show you how to treat these ladies like real roosters and stallions. Remember Casey and Choo, singing the modified Queen song "We will, we will f**k you!" is not exactly suitable for serenading them!

Bottom-line, it was an enjoyable and interesting late night out, lots of fun, lots of laughs and lots to drink - we dispersed when we were finally "forcibly" evicted by the pub-owner after closing time.

Cheers and goodnite!



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