Celebrating the Webmaster's birthday

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Celebrating the webmaster's birthday

14th January 2006

It seemed not so long ago that Angie had organised a birthday celebration for the golden babies of 1955 and here she is again organising another one for me. Angie, as always, has never let any one down where friendship and organising a get together is concerned, especially if one is returning from overseas - look at the noticeboard and see how tirelessly she has worked over the years since we left ACS in 1971. I made a passage back to Malaysia with my family to visit my old folks, my brothers and sisters at the end of December 2005. Having made contact Angie, I was told to keep this date free to meet a group of friends in Seremban. Together with my wife we travelled down by train from PJ and was picked up by Mei Ling at the station. The get together was truly enjoyable and it was great to see people like Sze Poh, Loon Loon and the rest whom I last saw in 1971. To top it up, I was surprisingly treated to a birthday cake as well. It made my day to celebrate this occasion with a very special group of friends. Many thanks to Mei Ling for baking the cake. The photos say it all...

From this dinner place, we went onto to have teh-tarik store in Temiang and after that to a another restaurant for supper - fried bitter gourd ordered by Kim Fui. Though I was as sick as a dog, I thoroughly enjoyed the company that I was in. There was no end to the witty remarks thrown around by Kim Fui and Sze Poh. I had to control myself from laughing because each time I do, the coughing and spluttering went on forever. Poh Ling did the laughing on my behalf. By the time we bade our farewell, it was 3AM. Thank you to Wing Kwong for driving us safely back to PJ in the early morning hours.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Angie for organising the get-together and want to share this verse by Collin McCarty on Good Friends with all of you:

We share something special.

We really care about

each other's well-being.

We're good at making each other laugh.

We see so many things

in the same ways.

I think our hearts know

and share cherished feelings

....even if they are never spoken.


There are so many things about us

that give me reasons to feel glad.

We have a wonderful understanding.

We have sincere appreciation.

We have special togetherness.

We have one of the best friendships

that I have ever known

and that I ever hope to have.


Till we meet again,


Hock Lye

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