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Merdeka Day Celebrations

31st August 2007 - Sungai Pelek

Merdeka Outing – Sungai Pelek

Chin Nam Lim, a new addition who attended this reunion organised the next session to Sungei Pelek seafood on Merdeka Day. I hope he does not order duck, which I will not be allowed to eat!

After a brief stopover at Chin’s house in Sungei Pelek, we journeyed for another 20 kms towards the coast, where - I had no idea where. Why bother when you are in safe hands – Just enjoy the view and the chatter in the car. We reached the Ocen (yes, spelt that way) Restaurant which was right at the jetty. We saw the beautiful sunset while driving along the way but when we reached the shoreline, strong winds and the waves beating up the mangroves greeted us. We had to jostle with other diners to claim 2 large tables for 19 of us. Before the food arrived, the drinkers polished the remaining old Parr left from the reunion. As goodwill along with his membership application, Chin brought 2 bottles of Chivas and 2 bottles of red wine as his initiation tribute. His annual membership was immediately approved with shouts of ‘bottoms up’ from the rest. Move over, Ah Pek, Chin Nam Lin is taking over your slot.

 Ah Pek had been suspended for not throwing lavish birthday booze dinners and buying/bringing drinks for a long time. He was temporary reinstated on reunion night thanks to the bottle of duty free RM80 Ringgit Old Parr Kuna brought from Langkawi.  Ah Pek, who missed the evening, had his membership suspended again right after reunion dinner for seating in the wrong place in AST corner. It broke his heart to learn we bathe in free flow whisky at Sungei Pelek. Missing conspicuously, was our black Chinaman, Kuna who was at a niece birthday in Shah Alam.

Ocen Restaurant was a strange place – the toilets were holes on the ground with the lapping waves and bopping plastic bottles and polystyrene takeaway boxes floating just beneath while you do your business. Once a while the waves may clean your bottom too. It was even a stranger sight when we thought we saw the apparition of Foo Chee Seng. Hell, it was he along with Kean Pow and Kean Peng. He made his way to our tables and that probably saved him from a tongue-lashing from me for not turning up at the earlier reunion. The sisters waltzed over after their dinner. Chin Nam donated the collections for the dinner contribution towards the fund for Mah Kok Wah, another ex-schoolmate who has fallen into hard times. His generosity was well received.

 It was back to Seremban for more drinks and more bullshit and plans for Moon Cake celebration. I will not be around, so paid no heed. My clock struck 4 in the morning when Wing Kwong texted me he had arrived home in Ampang after which I dozed off to sleep. Thankfully, the next day was a Saturday!

Angie Yen



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