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The start of 2012 had been quiet as my regular co-organisers Felicia and Annie (Tiew Sing’s wife) had both been promoted to Grannies; Felicia busy in Beijing taking care of the Christmas grandson and likewise in the UK Annie was basking with the New Year grandson. Congratulations to the proud grandparents, Felicia & Chiew Lim, Annie & Tiew Sing!

So it looked like Chinese New Year was going to be fairly quiet then…until a call from Lai Cheng on the eve to announce her arrival in town for the next 3 weeks and enquired what’s up. Her regulars kakis were incapacitated; in between her on-line games, tuition, Zip had her hands full taking care of her 2 year old Mika and Koon had other pressing issues at home to sort out.*

We thought Kim Fui and Tiew Sing will rise to the occasion and spend some personal quality time with Cheng. Alas, the guys were full of air and Cheng was left twiddling her thumbs and watching DVDs in her mother’s house, swatting mosquitoes. These blood suckers had developed an addiction to foreign blood.

CRO’s mind was battling with the non-happening and in the end decided that there should be at least a dinner in Seremban with Lai Cheng and Kit Siew (who happened to be back from Melbourne) . Quick calls, sms and 13 pax congregated at the Regent Restaurant in Jalan Labu for a Chinese New Year meal.  Wasn’t that hard.

The Seremban dinner led to other gatherings including a dinner in Kit Siew’s sister’s residence in Cheras KL to celebrate her birthday. It was a golden moment for Chin Nam Lin as he sighted his dream girl after 40 years.

Meanwhile Stephen Cheah organised on behalf of Siew Pheng another dinner in KL for Cheng. I caught up with Sing Khow and Tai Sing and  was pleasantly surprised with to see Kim Tze turn up with Kim Kong. We spent the evening with my Galaxy tablet reminiscing the good times as we browsed through the ACS website and old photos.  An invitation later came from Tai Sing for drinks at the roof top bar for drinks. As I had prior commitments, I was not able to make it and gathered from Cheng it was a lovely evening as well.

Next came the welcome home B-B-Q for Annie. Casey came with Maureen, Kim Fui put his scouting skills to good use (he served a delicious just nice chicken pieces); Wing Kwong was an excellent playmate for Mika and that gave Zip a breather to chat with us, Kuna brought some nice mee goreng and Indian delicacies. Chin Nam Lin was there with a big tray of noodles and was prepared to pay me plenty for the photos we took at Kit’s Siew birthday.  

The night just before she flew off, we had final farewell with Cheng. While Fui was somewhere in KL, Wing Kwong, Cheng and I met up with Zip in Seremban. We tucked in Indian rojak and cendol from Paul Street. A quick diversion to Jusco where we grabbed some pretty good bargains. We had to hurry off as Koon Koon was meeting us at the makan place. Fish Head noodles, next came the potent dish - internal organ bursting with cholesterol; laced with lard and dried prawns. Cheng feasted on her long awaited Yam Basket with chilli cuttlefish. The chilly crabs and crabs with salted egg yolk at the next table looked sinfully delicious, next time..

Angie Yen




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