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Wong Chu Chui (she is the aunt of to the owners selling our favourite porridge and steam chicken in Temiang)
              Jane Moo (Sister of Moo Yoon Onn) and Goh Ah Koo (sister of Keng Hay)

Dinner with Mr Mahadevan and his wife

Lunch with the beautiful ladies

A treat from Thanabalan at Curry Leave

A stop at the campur store (now cost Rgt 4.00 a bowl)

Tea with Felicia

Lunch at the famous Seremban Diamond Chicken Rice - Seen here with Soon Lee

Dinner at LCLY Fishing Pond

In case you are trying to remember; Yoke Heng stayed at the shops at the Templer Flats and her father had a wanton mee shop. The wanton mee is still homemade and the char siew still roasted by one of her brother who had taken over,  If you are thinking of heading there for some authentic foods; the shop calls it a day by 11.30 am and don't operate on Thursday and Fridays and sometimes school and public holidays.

I will always give credit to Yoke Heng for challenging me into the CRO role many years ago; taking her comment seriously to pull you all together for the occasional makan.

Yoke Heng is now based in the US in Meridian, Idaho and have a lovely family of 5 children. She retired recently and came home for a holiday to visit family and friends.

It was lovely to be able to catch up again with her when she came home with her husband Richard for a 3 months holiday. They did something that most of us could only dream of. Richard and Yoke Heng took a motorbike ride (in the heat and humid weather) around Malaysia. Their trip took them to Malacca, Fraser Hill, Cameron Highlands, Pangkok Island, Kuala Trengganu, along the coast and south to Johore. In between their time in Seremban she caught up with many classmates including our seniors and teachers.

The motorbike that Yoke Heng holidayed on!!



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