Yoke Heng's Visit - 8th May 2016 (Page 1/1)

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It was actually a 3 in one occasion –

(1) Catch up with Yoke Heng before returning to the States after 3 months of going around Thailand and Malaysia on a Yamaha with her husband Richard. Thought they were brave after hearing tales of weathering it all in the heat and thunderstorms.

(2) Lai Cheng was still in Malaysia as her family had gone back to the UK after a short holiday in Malacca.

(3) Celebrating Foo Chee Keong’s birthday. Chee Keong is always very thoughtful and brought along annual dinner magazines to pass to our visitors and reunion photo albums for us to enjoy.  Thanks Francis!

A favourite hangout for Senior Citizens – Week end High Tea at Palm Mall in Seremban for $19.50.  I must have had drunk at least 5 cups of coffee. Koon and Pak Yan enjoyed the jeruk and Feli came despite having a cold. Zip was too full to eat as she just enjoyed family chicken wine after a celebration for a new grandniece. Wong Choo Chui and Pauline dropped by which was a nice surprise. We tucked in the ok-ok food and had a lovely afternoon in an air conditioned restaurant which was perfect for getting away from the heat wave.

Angie Yen



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