Zip's Surprise Birthday (3rd March 2016)

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Happy Birthday, Zip

It was unprompted and after a session of homemade Ham Chim Peang in ML’s place, when we plotted to give Zip a surprise for her birthday.  Should be good fun with WK sent as the bait.
WK: “I have some errands in Seremban. Are you available for lunch next Thursday?”

Zip: “Sure, where do you want to go?”

WK: What about Tycoon Palace, the former Odeon Cinema. I got a lunch voucher from my hiking friends, so can go there.

Zip: Any of the girls in Seremban have time to also join us?

WK: Ok, I will give them a ring and will let you know.

To make the story authentic; WK called back the next day.

WK: Zip, the girls are busy and can’t join us.  I will be at your place around 12.30- 12.45 next Thursday. Is that ok?

Thursday 3 March: birthday morning. The chat room was busy with birthday wishes and I had the makings of just another day.  At the back of her mind, the excitement of a date with small boy was exhilarating but what can I yak with WK over lunch, what can we talk about.  Maybe we can do coffee after lunch. Disappointed that the other girls will not be at the lunch; after all today is my birthday.

Meanwhile, the girls already scheduled to meet at ML’s place and arrive at the Restaurant before the birthday girl arrived. Lunch was pre-ordered by ML. On the way, we selected the Green Tea Cake and Boss Fui had in advance instructed that I order her fresh flowers.  The roses were wrapped with much love (thanks to Feli for the selection) and I thought a box of Red Ruby Chocolates add-on will speak of the magnitude of Fui love as he was toiling away in Singapore.

12.30 p.m. WK arrived in Rasah Jaya and took his time to wire up the salt lamp birthday present. It stalled their arrival to the restaurant; which was perfect as Tiew Seng and Annie just brush past Zip who was not paying attention as she was looking for a corner table for 2. 

A surprise squeal rang out at the Restaurant, as a flabbergasted ZIp saw 8 of us amused as we dampen her date plans with WK. The chat room was animated with messages and photos and a live feed on the bantering. Lee Choo, Mei Ling, Felicia, Chew Lim, Swee Chu and even Moi Fun joined this special occasion. Of course we did not overlook Swee Chu’s approaching birthday in a week.

Can’t recollect what else we did for the rest of the day; but was followed by dinner at Lucky Inn where Pauline and Michael joined us. After downing fried rice and pork tendon, and purring sweet nicknames in between, we set up plans for seafood dinner in Nilai to celebrate Michael’s birthday.  The tale on the dinner is unfolded in the wedding story to follow.

Angie Yen



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