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Things we do to keep in touch



5 October 2002 The Toddy Night
23 September 2002 Celebrating Casey's birthday
19 October 2002 Remembering our teachers
12 February 2003 Yee Sang at Seremban
3 March 2003 Celebrating Swee Chu's and Sze Poh's birthday
3 May 2003 The return of Edward Lim
2 August 2003 ACSOSA Annual Dinner 2003
5 August 2003 Celebrating Kam Onn's birthday
22nd Jan 2004 Chinese New Year celebrations at Tiew Sing's residence
6th July 2004 Celebrating Angie's birthday
15th July 2004 Reuniting with Faizul and Ranjit Singh
8th August 2004 ACSOSA Annual Dinner 2004
21st August 2004 Lai Cheng's final fling for 2004
18th February 2005 Chinese New Year 2005
15th March 2005 A trip to Hong Kong 2005
6th August 2005 ACSOSA Annual Dinner 2005
16th August 2005 Reuniting with the long lost bio-scientist
5th November 2005 Hari Raya with Cikgu Manap
14th January 2006 Celebrating the webmaster's birthday
18th March 2006 Celebrating Gilbert Yap's son's wedding
27th May 2006 Celebrating Kim Fui's daughter's wedding
29th July2006 A weekend away at Eagle's Ranch Port Dickson
5th August 2006 ACSOSA 60th Anniversary Dinner 2006
13th August 2006 Catching up with ACS Malacca counterpart
4th July 2007 A weekend away at Kuching Sarawak
4th August 2007 ACSOSA Annual Dinner 2007
31st August 2007 Merdeka Celebrations at Sungai Pelek
2nd August 2008 Chin Khoon's Visit to Seremban
2nd August 2008 ACSOSA Annual Dinner 2008
17th Jan 2009 A small get together with the webmaster
2nd May 2009 Mid-year break in Penang        
13th June 2009 Celebrating Pauline's and Felicia's Birthday  
2nd August 2009 ACSOSA Annual Dinner 2009
14th November 2009 Celebrating Wing Kwong's Birthday and Bon Voyage to Kuna
16th February 2010 Celebrating Lai Cheng's birthday in Seremban
25th March 2010 Visit to Guangzhou
7th February 2011 Chinese New Year Celebrations
19th February 2011 Mrs Gunaratnam 80th Birthday with her Standard One students
7th Auguust 2011 ACSOSA 65th Annual Dinner
22nd February 2012 Getting together to kick start 2012
4th of August 2012 ACSOSA 66th Annual Dinner
September 2012 Welcoming Molly Hanson aka Yeo Siang Boon into the fold
1st November 2012 Trip to Beijing
10th February 2014 Trip to Port Dickson
19th February 2015 Pre- and Post-Chinese New Year Gatherings
15th March 2015 Yoke Heng's visit to Malaysia
1st August 2015 ACSOSA 69th Annual Dinner - Celebrating ACS 100th Anniversary
3rd February 2016 Kajang Satay Dinner in SS2
3rd March 2016 Celebrating Zip's birthday
8th May 2016 Meeting up with Yoke Heng
21st May 2016 Pre-wedding catch up
28th May 2016 Wedding reception of the webmaster's son
4th June 2016 Catching up with the Seniors
10th June 2016 How big can the chicken be?
4th October 2016 Edward Lim's visit
5th October 2016 The appearance of James Ng Swee Khoon
5th October 2016 CRO and the ladies visit to Myanmar
24th January 2017 Yee sang lunch at Oakwood KL
30th January 2017 Pre-and-post CNY celebrations

Revised: January 31, 2018


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