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We will always remember those who have gone before us


Kong Thiam Yoon

It is with great sorrow that we report the loss of Master Kong Thiam Yoon, a student of Form Four B. He was tragically drowned at Port Dickson. As it was his wish to become a Christian, he was given a Christian burial at the Segamat Christian Cemetery.
An active and enthusiastic member of the Red Cross Society, he was also a good student. He took his responsibility as a Red Cross Member very seriously and performed his duty with great efficiency and willingness. He was not a person of many words.
He was a Section Leader of the Red Cross and guided the members under him in the best way he knew. He has a wide knowledge of the Red Cross and First Aid and this he put to good use on many occasions.
He was a very reliable ad trustworthy person and was well-liked by all. He was a very considerate person, always thinking about the needs of others. He is sadly missed by all his fellow Red Cross members and friends.
He will always be remembered as a wonderful, kind and sincere personal friend.



Yolande Tan

Born 25th May 1954
Reunited with the Lord on the 9th June 2001

You worked so hard for those you loved,
You always did your best,
Always gentle loving and kind
What lovely memories you leave behind
In God's care you rest above
In our hearts you rest with love
It happened so quickly
It's hard to understand
One day you were with us
The next day in God's hand

Reunited with your dad

Dearly missed by James, Jonathan, Joanna, Joylin

Treasured memories of wonderful teachers from school days to the present. Thank you for your teachings and most of all thank you for being a friend.

<<Eulogy Delivered by Angie Yen at the Wake Service>>

<<Tribute to Colin Ng - son of the late Ng Chee Pheng>>

It was so sad that your life was too short. As you travel on your journey, have comfort that you are not alone, as our hearts will guide you to finding your peace and happiness and that one day we will meet you again.




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