Ow Mei Ling - Form 5A 1971

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Ow Mei Ling



I am a timid and quiet student in school, therefore my friends were only girls like Kim Moi, Lee Choo, Phui Fun, Chin Hiong, Koon Koon, Loon Loon, Swee Choo, Mee Lian, Loi Chin, Boon Chan, Siew Hiong and of course, Shu Hui. I don't remember talking to any of the boys in school. However I do secretly admire people like Kim Sze, Sze Tho, Loo Thai, Steven Cheah, Hock Lye. I don't remember Kim Fui and many others until after our reunion in the past few years. Anyway the year 2002 has being a very wonderful year for me because I have the opportunity to meet friends that I have not seen for 30 years like Lai Cheng, Cecilia Ong, Paul , Kim Foo, Yat Choy and Wing Kwong.

In school I am an average student. I remember I was having high fever and vomiting during the first paper of the LCE exam - BM paper. I thank God for allowing me to clear that exam and subsequently the MCE exam and HSC exam though with minimum credits. I join UKM and graduated with an Economics degree with Education. Thus from 1978 I started my teaching career. I have another 7 years of service with the Government. I am also blessed with a homely husband and three girls, Jacklyn (19), Lily (17) and Mellissa(13).

Lee Choo and myself have a lot in common because both of us are teaching Accounting in School. Lee Choo is considered as 'guru pakar' in Seremban and she helps me a lot in this subject. I am new in this subject - only three years teaching it.

Koon Koon jogs everyday and she is staying near my place. I have decided to join her whenever I am free and needs companion to jog.

Finally I also want to express my greatest joy of having some Class-of-71-friends celebrating my birthday with me this year. Lee Choo and Moi Fun are also born in the month of Dec but they did not make it to celebrate together because of some other commitments.

Motto in Life: Do good while you can for we live in this world once and never again.

Email: phuijeat@tm.net.my




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