Ng Paul Kit - Form 5A 1971

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Ng Paul Kit



Like most of the earlier people who have already written in to contribute to the website set up by our dear friend Hock Lye, I find it extremely hard to talk about myself. Therefore I would like to simplify everything and offer the condense version.

After leaving ACS I joined the Singapore Air Force to enrolled for an Aircraft Engineering course. On completion of the course I worked a further six years mostly on jet aircrafts and transport planes. Thereafter I worked briefly as a Project Engineer for an engineering firm specializing in Electrical Generators. Shortly after, I joined my present Company where I have been working for the last 15 years. Presently I am heading the Trucks Division . That’s about briefly sums up my working life thus far.

I have spent a good part of my life in Singapore and it has been my home since. There’s not much difference from living in Malaysia except for the faster pace of life. Due to the size of the country everything is within easy reach and therefore very convenient.

I have never forgotten the carefree days spent as a student in ACS especially the Volleyball games, Scout Gatherings or just hanging with the guys. Funny thing I never really remember putting much effort in my studies. Lucky for me I managed better academically after leaving school. But it’s always the friends in school that help shape your perception in life. There are many that have offer their guidance and friendship to which I am eternally grateful. I am sure you know who you are.

Therefore it is very gratifying to finally able to meet up with so many of my former classmates during the recent Reunion in KL. The feeling was a mixture of nostalgia and wonderment which overwhelmed me at times during the dinner. Imagine the mind trying to recognize the person facing you and recollect what he or she was like 30 years ago. Honestly there are classmates that I really unable to recall immediately, 30 minutes or even 3 days later. To these people I must offer my apologies. Back home I did a bit of research with old class photos and managed to account for most of them. Sze Thos’ stories and article did the rest, filling in lost memories. Of course, there are those I could almost recognize immediately. Time seems to have not affected them one bit.

Therefore I will make it a point to look up former classmates when I make the occasional trip to Malaysia and take the opportunity to catch up. Likewise, please contact me whenever any of you are in Singapore. Lastly, I wish everyone continuous good health and lasting friendship.





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