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Jan 2013 - The many joys of friendships

We settled for a Thai restaurant which was halal in Era Walk, Seremban. It was a good choice by Zip whom I recruited as the co-ordinator. This was probably a record as we clocked quite a some air miles with Siang Boon flying back from LA, Cheng from London, Hock Lye from Melbourne, Faizul from Miri, Berne from Singapore. I can’t compute Victor Chu air miles as he fluttered in one day late. All the air miles scorched as the island trip planner texted giving 48 hours’ notice that his car has gone into the workshop, cheques stolen with a hand cast.  That must have been quite a nasty accident which also meant island holidays plans were marooned. It required creativity to close the gap and work on making the best out of the shipwrecked island holiday plans. Was it a mistake of arrogance? Fortunately those who paid a hefty sum to prolong their holidays were fair-minded and forgiving for genuine blunders, boo-boos, miscalculations and inaccurate judgment.
For the first time we had record appearance from the Science class representatives. A rare dinner as booze was not complimented in the meals. Hoon Peck threw in a surprise as he managed to get a contact number for Rahimi. That phone call must have been hefty as different ones got to speak to Rahimi. A few quick texts and we met with Rahimi the following Monday for satay in Kajang where he is currently residing. In the company of friends, time just flew.

The week long revelries had a few high lights; food deserving a mention – Stuffing our faces (as usual) with Asia laksa before our trip to historic Melaka; slurping the best durian cendol in town (combination out of the world - thanks to a recommendation from Sing Khow); lapping up the famous old market chee chap chok with juicy wat kai/(porridge with hogs innards with steam chicken) now relocated in Temiang; kangkong sotong and pork/lamb satay, low see fun and tim sum were enough to burst a few buttons.
We rolled over our seats at the karaoke; swayed to the tunes of Cliff Richard and the Bee Gees; scorched with Tom Jones and twisted with the Beatles, rocked with Proud Mary, crooned a Chinese version of the Green Green Grass of Home. We nearly hooted ourselves to death as we concluded the evening with our own side-splitting Gangnum style with Fui trailblazing as Psy.
While Zip accommodated Siang Boon in her residence; Mei Ling and Lee Choo, Koon took turns to occupy the girls in Seremban during the remaining days of their vacation. We had a superb treat from Tiew Sing/Annie – pork trotters in ginger vinegar and chicken in rice wine and Muar otak-otak and heaps to tar pow home. The holidays ended with a wedding dinner (Swee Choo’s daughter) where Kit Siew made an appearance.

Sept 2014 may be the prospective dates for the next reunion with those from overseas extracting a promise from CRO not to subcontract events. The burden of responsibility is heavy. Now that Hoon Peck is back in the loop, maybe we should all pre-book a tour. Ho Chi Min City or Guilin is still on my radar. Tau Boon, are you game to take us in again in Guangzhou? Miri is not that far away and is enticing too.

Angie Yen
Jan 2013



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