Reunion 4 - 6th July 1996

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Silver Jubilee Celebrations 1996


Venue: Allson Klana Hotel


Reunions dates prior to 1995 were not fixed. It was usually after a drink or teh-tarik session that plans are made. After the 1995 reunion, a few of us got together at Yatha's suggestion that the 1996 reunion should be a grand affair. 1996 would have been 25 years since we all left school and should be a Silver Jubilee celebration of some kind. So it was down to Yatha, Koon, Loon and Poh Ling and yours truly to plan the event. Getting the list and convincing people to attend took the bulk of our time, planning and hunting contacts took us many weekends. We wanted a decent turnout for the Silver Jubilee celebrations.

Experience has taught that the choice of dates was vital to the planning. Public holidays, school holidays, festivals were no good as people travel or want to spend time with family. Middle of the year was a good time but not to the bankers - closing accounts. So in the end we settled for the first Saturday in July. Personally I was delighted as the first Saturday was 6th of July - my birthday! The committee was not aware until a couple of weeks before the event. When the actual day came, we all got so caught up with all the activities and it was not remembered. (Angie - your birthday will be remembered from this year onwards, Webmaster).

Koon Koon again did a great job - tracking everyone down including Victor Chu in Singapore and Soh Kim Foo in Segamat. Most of our phone bills shot through the roof. Although I spoke to Cheah Weng Kit and Keng Hay a couple of times, I have never been able to convince them to attend any of the reunions. Once again I had the honour of being the emcee and presenting the speeches. 

During the earlier part of the day, we made a trip to the school and were invited to tea held in the staff room by Mr Peter Lee, the principal at that time. Mr Nga's old office was tiny with no canes in sight. Mr Veerapen's old office was half sealed. The fountain or rather Swee Khoon's swimming pool was replaced with plants. I could not remember if the school bell was still hanging. Walking into my old classroom, I could imagine Ms Chin struggling with the blackboard. We passed the fenced up cage-hole housing Form 5B, Mr Nga's favourite class. Come to think of it, if Form 5B were the favourite class, why was it in that cage-hole? (That's because that room was small enough to take the smaller class - Webmaster). It was sad to see the poor conditions of some of the classrooms and the plaques in the hall.

We had a professional photographer from Lai Chan Studios and Wong Swee Loong to take the photos for the evening. Thanks to Koon Koon and Loon Loon, the entire album is well kept and everyone who attended had their photos taken when they went to receive their personalised souvenir with the school badge from Mr Mahadhevan. (The photos are now located in the website as well - Webmaster).

The dinner for the Silver Jubilee Celebrations on the 6th of July was held at Allson Klana. This occasion was attended by more than 70 people including a few seniors like Kuan Yew Thiam, Jeffrey Ong and Gan Kim Leong. Teachers included Mr Mahadhavan, Mrs Samuel and Mr Peter Lee. We were sad to find out that Mrs Samuel was living alone. Some of us visited her regularly and helped her keep her place. Mrs Samuel is now living with her children in London.

The evening was formal for the first part as we remembered and honoured the teachers. It was a tremendous success and we were featured in the New Straits Times with two photos.

Angie Yen

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