Reunion 8

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The 54/55 Reunion

Venue: Regent Restaurant Seremban

22nd August 2009


This is just a short write up to pay tribute to Angie, our beloved CRO, who in spite of her recent surgery and the excruciating pain in her back, turned up for this memorable reunion. It was Angie who had initiated this so called 54/55 reunion (those born in 1954 are now 55 years old and those babies born in 1955 are 54). Angie, together with our 'core' buddies in Seremban, has always kept the group going and have never failed to initiate a gathering whenever any of our overseas friends return to Malaysia for holidays, including myself. So thank you, Angie, we wish you well as you continue to recuperate from your spinal surgery.

We also want to publicly acknowledge and thank Wing Kwong for organising this Reunion in the absence of our CRO. Together with Sze Poh and to those who has worked tirelessly behind the scene, we want to record our 'banyak terima kasih' for a job well done. I am sure Lai Cheng would also like to join me in thanking our Seremban buddies for their warm hospitality rendered to us after the reunion night. There is no shortage of food and drinks with this group of buddies as we went from store to store!

As for the success of the occasion, the video clips and the photos can do the talking. With the 'whisky men' around, there is no shortage of fun and entertainment. The only thing that we greatly missed is the rebuttal from Casey who somehow became speechless after being kissed by Kim Fui! Nevertheless, in Casey's absence, we had Tow Boon who for some 'unknown' reason, wanted to grab all women or whoever he can get his hands on! Fortunately for him, we have a willing participant in Zip! More important, Tow Boon has now pledged that the next reunion will be in Guangzhow - bill for food and and accommodation will be picked up by him! Let us not disappoint him, so start saving for your airfare and God willing, we will all meet again in Guanzhow in two years time!

Hock Lye

Click the arrow to play the short video clips
Greetings all round!
Buddy talk!
Speechless Casey!
The yam seng kings!
Chee Sing's love concoction for Jonathan!
The whisky men!

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