Mini Reunion - 1980

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The first initiative - ACS Primary School Hall Seremban in 1980

The photos of the first Reunion at the ACS Primary School Hall looks great, simply because I was still handsome and not so fat then!  Ha Ha... can’t believe I once had hairs!!

Going by the length of our hair and the clothes I was wearing, plus my strange brown shoes, I do believe it was in the 1970s and not 1980s.  In as early as 1979, I was already spotting short hair as I was working, so it must be in the 1970s when I was still at school.  I am certain of that, but I cannot for the love of life tell you which year.  I cannot remember who organized it, but I do believe the mosquito gang under Goh Keng Hay and one of its associate member, Foo Chee Keong —they may had a hand in it.

Well, now that it is almost 25 years later, I can call whoever organized that event a bunch of idiots and not feel bad about it.  I remembered the meeting was a small time disaster as the organizers could not find the caretaker to open the primary school hall; as a result, all of us sat in the basketball court for almost 2 hours and fed the damn mosquitoes.  It was bad as I remembered the mosquitoes were bigger than Nga Bee Hoon.

I think we also sang some songs; some of those were songs from our primary school, including some Christian songs from the church hymnal, would you believe it? The food was cold and terrible; I went home and shitted and shitted and shitted and shitted.  I also remembered that after that Reunion, I promised myself never to go for another one as it was so badly organized. If I could zip back in time, I would very much like to go back then and kick the brains out of that organizer, whoever he or she is.

Casey Sze Tho




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