Mini Reunion - 1997

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A Tame and Friendly Affair


Venue: Tasik Hotel Seremban

PJ Hilton

Reunions organised after the Silver Jubilee were tame affairs and never got back to the scale of the Silver Jubilee in 1996. Koon Koon, Loon Loon, Poh Ling and Yatha were exhausted and did not recover because they did not turn up at subsequent gatherings. By this time Paru and Seng Kee, the early leavers of our class, became involved in our later reunions. They took the lead in organising this reunion at the Tasik Hotel. Foo Chee Keong was the only one who turned up with a camera. (Dr Foo, photos please, if you don't mind - Webmaster)

I remember seeing the one off appearances of Ee Fook Tong and Yong Yoong Cheong. Swee Khoon made an appearance at this dinner in Seremban after being isolated in Norway for over 20 years. We also had a dinner with Swee Khoon in KL. Others who came along were Stephen Cheah, Siew Pheng, Chee Keong and Shirley Wong which was held at a Thai Restaurant somewhere opposite the PJ Hilton.

Foo Chee Keong is one of those with an in built calendar in his system. Every year in June, he would ring me to check where the reunion is going to be held. He has not only turned up for ALL the reunions but is the self appointed photographer as well. At each reunion he will be distributing photos he had taken at the previous gatherings. A man of commitment! He is now ably assisted by Chee Hong who has been a contributor to some of the digital photos that we see in the website. Chee Pheng, the other twin brother had also been a regular.

Angie Yen



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