Mini Reunion 2001

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A move to PJ: Overseas Restaurant

The tradition of having the Class of 71 get together on the first Saturday of July has proved so successful and popular year after year that the then revived ACSOSA committtee members approached me to see if they could use that date for the ACSOSA reunions. My suggestion was that they should stick to their August timeline and as a token of good faith, they could also enrolled the services of Eddie, Poh Ling and Paru to sit as Committee Members. Paru and Poh Ling have remained committed to the ACSOSA since then and have provided excellent services to the ACSOSA.

This year, tradition was broken because of work commitments. When Sing Khow came back in June, I decided to hold the gathering then and it was held at the Overseas Restaurant in Petaling Jaya. While I did not feel comfortable about the breaking away from the July engagement, nevertheless I am truly satisfied that the tradition of our annual gathering continues to live. 

Angie Yen


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