ACSOSA Dinner 2008

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Representatives from Class of 71

2nd August 2008

I remembered I was overdosed with organizing all sorts of reunions and get-togethers which included weddings, birthdays, house warming etc. I thought it was a good idea if we parked the Class of 71 Reunion with the Annual ACSOSA Reunion. It was the easy way out and less to do in terms of organizing the food and place. Just turn up and pay the organizers.

We already had several excuses to get together - Stanley Chin Khoon and wife, Elizabeth was also back in Malaysia during the period, so the Class of 71 took 3 tables at the ACSOSA Reunion 2008. Datuk Jeyabalan was also fresh with his investiture being conferred as Datuk from the Agong.

The meal was surrounded by banters of catching up with long lost schoolmates and teachers accompanied by the demonstration of belly dancing by a former student. The sight of the seniors ogling and salivating at the swaying junior from the 90s was something much to our amusement.

It was a good thing more than 20 of us from the Class of 71 turned up we so as it was the last time we all met with the late Ng Chee Hong who had a heart attack not long after.  His twin Chee Pheng had also suffered a similar fate less than 2 years earlier.

The dinner all taught us a valuable lesson – while we still are alive, we must appreciate the people and friends around us. We never know if we have the opportunity to meet again.

Angie Yen
April 2010

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