Shirley Wong - Form 5C 1971

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Shirley Wong



Life journey after ACS has been interesting for me. Having been to Singapore I picked up the Bruce Lee craze and was training at the YMCA Penang Road, Singapore where I made wonderful friends to this day. I was training five evenings a week and aspired to be a 'Modesty Blaise' culminating my final training in the desert sands of Arabia. Barely 49 kg and crossing blows with the likes of mini-sized Mr. T. I trained in tae kwan do, judo and aikido. We had Korean veterans taking their R & R from the Vietnam stint. The size of their arms were equivalent to my legs put together Ha! Also the Japanese sinsehs came in from their stint with the respective masters on their way home to Japan. My thoughts then were entirely preoccupied on the various techniques of being a bodyguard. So you see I was there way before Kevin Costner.  Unfortunately, I was only 18 and my father's signature was required. Shattered dreams, ha!

Reality set in and I return to KL a couple of years later joining a legal firm as a stenographer. My employer was the fire exhaling but sophisticated and charming daughter of our then Minister Khaw Khai Bhor namely Khaw Yew Mei. She inspired me to further my education and thereafter I left for London.

Another episode of life is here for me. As my father was no Bill Gates I peppered my free time working part time Italian ice cream vendor near the infamous Camden Town and DHL in Middlesex. Believe you me I was working for the chief executive whenever he hits town. There were dealings with the Sheikhs in the Middle East. I was thoroughly impressed with their style though now I find it rather distinct from our oriental Malaysian style. So as a perk I get to go first class on Concorde and the stewards were truly amazed that when offered champagne, I asked for milk and when offered cigars I declined. Eventually he had to tell me to grab the whole box for distribution friends. This is what Seremban does to me.

Of course I spent my holidays in Europe and my Italian friends took me home with them. Skiing in the dolomite mountains in the winter and wondering around Lake Guarda in the summer notwithstanding the wonderful orchestra and all those gorgeous Italian men! So Sze Tho you now know why I am always in dreamland.

Upon returning, I now have a job as a advocate & solicitor bearing in mind I can't solicit to save my arse. The search for happiness then lies in my travelling which eventually lead me to Mathura, India quite near the Taj Mahal where I met my Guru Sri Bhaktivedanta, Narayan Maharaj. I immediately and subconsciously took to the path of Sanatana Dharma and to this day I am endeavouring to follow. Despite my outward appearance I am a rascal but my Gurudeva believed in me. Sze Poh knows a little about the life. Anyway I am off to do the pilgrimage come October 30 and someday I may cross your path.

To date I have only been to Cairns, scuba diving as I heard so much about the Great Barrier Reef and I am of the opinion that our Sipadan Island is anytime one of the best.





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